2100 Building Broiler Update

Project Details

Name of Project: 2100 Building Boiler Upgrade

Date Project Started: 9/1/2013

Date Project Completed: 11/01/13

Project Manager: Scott Stratton

Location: Portland, Or.

Industry: Commercial Office

Project Features: Boiler Upgrade

Size of Building (Square Feet): 96,000

Owner: Urban Renassance

Project Synopsis: Building was served by two 19 year old Fulton Pulse boilers which were unreliable resulting in high repair costs.  The boilers were located in the rooftop mechanical room of an 8 story building. Project consisted of demolition and removal of the two existing boilers and installation of two 1,000,000 BTU Hydrotherm boilers.  Project included controls, piping, insulation, start-up and a two year warranty on the new equipment.