Maxim Integrated Retrofit Upgrades

Project Details

Name of Project: Maxim Integrated Retrofit Upgrades

Date Project Started: November 2012

Date Project Completed: On-Going

Project Manager: Steve O’Shaughnessy

Location: Beaverton, OR

Industry: Micro Electronics / Semi-Conductor

Project Photo Features: 600 GPM Custom Modular Process Cooling Water Skid

Size of Building (Square Feet): 403,200

Prime Contractor: Owner Direct

Owner: Maxim Integrated

Project Synopsis: Upgrade Process Piping and Utilities to handle increased capacities required for changing 6” Wafer Tools to 8” Tools. Charter Mechanical, has been challenged to upgrade Process Piping, HVAC Piping, and High Purity Piping, needed to facilitate newly installed owner furnished tools, while maintaining operation of the existing operating Fab. All critical-path piping work is scheduled with owner to insure no impact occurs to the facility which operates 24/7 hours per week.