OHSU North Campus Utility Plant

Project Details

Name of Project: OHSU North Campus Utility Plant


Date Project Started: December 2013


Date Project Completed: April 2014



Project Manager: John Yeager


Location: Portland, Oregon


Industry: Health Care


Project Features: New chillers and associated piping to connect to the OHSU CUP chilled water loops.


Size of Building (Square Feet): New chiller connections supply chilled water to the campus loop.


General Contractor: Hoffman Construction


Owner: OHSU


Project Synopsis: This project consisted of installing two new chillers into the Richard Jones Hall basement.  It required the use of a 360T crane to remove existing equipment, and to install the new equipment into the building’s basement level. New piping consisted of 6”-14” CS, both welded and grooved, and associated copper supplies and drains.  Piping was installed in the dirt floor sub-basement, with final connections to the new chillers on the basement level.  A refrigerant detection system, with copper sampling lines was also part of the final product.