Long after the project is completed, the quality of the installation is the last reminder to our clients of our company.

We review each project prior to starting to ensure that the final installation will meet all of the project requirements and any applicable codes and standards.  Charter is licensed and qualified for all of the systems required including plumbing, pressure vessels and piping, hot water and steam piping, and systems for hazardous and non-hazardous production materials.

We have a staff of certified inspectors that inspect fabricated work before it leaves our facilities and during installation to ensure that all of the necessary code requirements are met.  Beyond the technical QA/QC requirements, we do one more thing that verifies that our projects will meet the requirements of our clients – we listen to them and their needs.

We understand the systems we install and are willing to assist with the technical requirements of the installation.  But in the end, our client’s satisfaction is the final determination of the quality on our jobs.