Thank You

 While we’re certainly not done with the coronavirus, social distancing, reopening plans and face coverings yet, we are moving out of the time when the news is changing daily or hourly.  We started these twice weekly updates to try to provide information to Charter’s employees in a timely and easy to find method.  We hope it has been valuable.  We’ll continue to post information – probably at least once a week and/or as significant changes develop – but, we won’t be on a strict schedule anymore.  If you have questions or concerns that you’d like to see us address or great ideas that we can share, please let us know and we’ll get them out.

As we wrap up the regular updates, we want to take time to say thank you to all of the Charter employees, customers, and suppliers during this unprecedented time in history. 

To our Project Teams.  Thank you.  You continued to come into work, despite the uncertainty.  You implemented new working guidelines weekly, sometimes daily, to protect yourself and those around you.  You dealt with rumors and uncertainty in reporting and possible exposures.  You developed new ways to accomplish tasks and learned to do stretch and flex six feet of distance.  And through it all, you continued to complete difficult work and meet challenging deadlines for your customers. 

To our VDC Team.  Thank you.  You dealt with the ramp of a once in a lifetime project during a once in a century pandemic.  Just as the team was starting to settle and work together, we were forced to separate you and have you work remotely.  You solved problems, dealt with internet issues, and ultimately continued to generate models and spool drawings for our teams.

To our Fab Shop Team.  Thank you.  You worked shifts to increase social distancing, set up a brand-new shop, and certified new processes.  You took care of virtual inspections and let a drone fly through the shop.  And, you kept showing up to support our projects and customers. 

To our Service Team.  Thank you.  You had customers that closed and others that slowed down.  You figured out ways to turn in timecards and job tickets remotely.  While you work alone often, you were even more alone during this time.  Through it you took care of your customers and solved their emergencies. 

To our Warehouse Team.  Thank you.  You dealt with the largest delivery of materials in Charter’s history right in the middle of the crisis.  You stacked, moved, re-stacked, and somehow found a way to fit it all in.  You kept supplying materials and tools to our projects and fab shops.  And then, we added masks, wipes and cleaner to your list of items to get out the door.

To our drivers.  Thank you.  You went out every day and went from location to location making sure that our teams had the tools, spools and materials that they needed to keep working.  You identified novel ways to protect yourselves and your customers from exposure.  Unfortunately, the clear highways and streets may soon disappear.

To our employee who worked from home.  Thank you.  We are a construction company.  We work in teams to build impressive and challenging projects.  You can’t do that from home.  And yet, you did.  We sent you home without warning and without preparation.  You grabbed monitors, computers, chairs and paperwork and headed to your kitchen tables and home offices.  You learned to meet in Teams and how to stay in touch with your teammates. You payed the bills, entered payroll and kept materials, information and tools in front of our teams.

To our employees who stayed at home to take care of their families.  Thank you.  We appreciate that these were uncertain times and respect that you did what was needed to protect your loved ones.  Most of you have returned and we’re glad to have you back. 

To our team at HP.  Thank you.  In order to keep the site safe, HP elected to close construction on the jobsite.  Unexpectedly you all found yourselves at home for an extended period.  Thank you for sticking by us and your customer.  We’re glad to have you back.

To our team at Lam.  Thank you.  Lam elected to split our team into different shifts in different buildings.  You gave up weekends and evenings to be there for each other and for your customer.  We’re glad to have you back to your normal hours.

To our new employees since March.  Thank you.  You agreed to come to work for a new company during a pandemic.  You sat through remote orientations or wore masks through your orientations.  Many of you have not had the chance to meet your new teams in person.  And still, you showed up and learned remotely and started taking care of your new team.

To our Coronavirus Task Force.  Thank you.  As we continue through the crisis, two things are clear.  None of us have been through this before and there aren’t ever any simple or obvious decisions.  You sat through virtual meetings daily and then twice a week.  You looked forward to tomorrow’s possible problems and challenged decisions.  Once decisions were made, you went out and made them happen.

To our customers who have stood by us.  Thank you.  These were difficult times for all of us.  We know that at times we stumbled and didn’t execute up to the standards that you usually expect from us.  There were difficult discussions over new challenges we were all facing and how to best overcome them.  You stood by us and allowed us to work through the challenges and continue to complete your projects.

To our suppliers and subcontractors.  Thank you.  You kept bringing materials, tools and PPE for our teams to do their work.  You handled our calls from home.  You showed up at jobsites to complete your work and allow us to continue to do work for our combined customers.  You stood by us.

Amazingly, through all of the challenges and uncertainty, none of you complained.  You did what was needed, protected those you care for at home and at work, and continued to complete critical work for our customers safely.

We are not done with challenges – there will be new ones for some time.  But we have made it to this point.  And for that, we say Thank you.

Stay safe and healthy.