LEAN Construction

Charter Mechanical strongly believes in the principles of LEAN construction. The largest indicator of our commitment and vision as related to our industry and scope of work is the investment and utilization of our fabrication shops. Before it was considered “LEAN”, we identified the need to perform as much work as possible in a controlled environment. The results of the utilization of our fab shop have dramatically increased manpower efficiency, weld quality, reduction of job site waste, and job site safety.

With the growing awareness and commitment of project teams as a whole to focus on LEAN construction as a project delivery method, we can now work with all trades to improve efficiencies to reduce costs and schedule durations, improve safety, quality and customer satisfaction. 

The following are basic LEAN construction principles – and general discussion on how we can and will apply them to your project:

Customer Focus / Specified Value

It is critical for us to understand the goals and “value” envisioned by the Owner.  Communication and information sharing are the keys for discovering new ideas and realizing value. The success of LEAN production is dependent upon the involvement of all participants in the early stages of the design. Working with the Engineers – we will help identify the end use vision and goals that are important to the customer.  Value engineering ideas will be presented as applicable.

Culture / People / Value Stream

First and foremost, the culture created by the project team sets the direction for all decisions and actions by all involved. The mission of LEAN construction needs to be explained and reinforced at all levels, and at all time.

With collective involvement, we will identify the value stream by elimination of everything which does not generate value to the end product. This means we will evaluate all plans and activities, change the processes when something is going wrong, and communicate openly amongst our own employees and other project team members. Processes which will be planned and analyzed include production accuracy and quality, minimal on-site storage of materials, reduction of waste, transportation of materials, movement of labor workforce and products, and installation of products which do not live up to the standard of the customer.

Workplace Organization, Standardization, & Flow

We will ensure that there is a continuous flow in the process and value chain by focusing on the entire supply chain. From the design review processes down to pipe spool material handling, standardization and sensible flow will be analyzed and utilized.

Elimination of Waste / Pull

The goal is to produce (to include design, costs, schedule, workmanship, and quality) exactly what the customer wants at the time the customer needs it and to always be prepared for changes. We will reduce unnecessary processes, production and waste in all activities.


LEED Certified Facilities:

As a mechanical contractor, Charter plays a critical role in the green building process. With our expertise in heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and energy efficiency we will work with key members of the design and development team and provide input and cost analysis. We can help a project team identify potential LEED points for a project. As a mechanical contractor, we have a primary role in at least 22 of the available LEED points, and a secondary role in another 11 points.

LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. We have experience in maximizing all these benefits.

We have supported project teams at all levels of LEED certification.  Charter was the mechanical contractor for the Port of Portland Headquarters Building at the Portland International Airport.  The building was named one of the ten greenest buildings in the world by Forbes magazine.

Our list of LEED certified projects continues to grow.