Our expertise includes design/build and design/assist services that enable us to provide accurate conceptual budgets along with cost and benefit analysis. We excel in providing timely and accurate feedback to support all members of the project team in making the most cost and energy effective decisions during the design phase.

Early involvement in the project is critical to mechanical cost and alternate effectiveness.

    • Schedule Review, Input and Management –  Charter Mechanical will provide input in the development of the milestone dates, advise on the critical elements of the mechanical scope and work with the General Contractor to manage the requirements efficiently. We have the experience to schedule our own activities, sequence our work with the activities of others and support the project in the development of the overall project schedule.
    • Conceptual Estimating Approach – We breakdown the estimate for the cost of the work by piping systems and equipment. We prepare general layout drawings and make appropriate scope assumptions to ensure the “work” is covered in the estimated costs.   All assumptions are clearly identified and reviewed with the project team.  We work with major equipment vendors on pricing and proposals, and forward all value engineering ideas. Charter Mechanical will follow the progress of the design and advise in cost variations in system design developments. We will advise the team immediately of any design revisions or project changes that may impact the budget (negatively or positively).
    • System Analysis and Recommendations – Working with the engineer, we will review costs for the piping systems and compare to historical industry costs. Costs and options for components and equipment will be reviewed with the manufacturers and vendors for VE input. Ideas for improvement in constructability and/or installation will be proposed to the team.
    • Constructability Reviews – Our team will identify design priorities from a construction perspective. We will review progress drawings and specifications for constructability, code conformance, identify time and cost saving opportunities and insure adherence to the established budget.
    • Early Procurement – Critical to achieving milestone dates for mechanical systems completion is the on-time delivery of critical equipment and components to the site for installation and start-up. We work closely with the engineer and the vendors during the pre-construction and design phase to be prepared to order such critical items as soon as the project funding allows.

Through early involvement, collaboration, a team approach, involvement in developing the project design, schedule and costs, Charter Mechanical will ensure the success of your project.